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  1. Vanguard Intro ft. Doc Mahdi UNITED FRONT 4:30
  2. Trump Mask ft. Doc Mahdi & Deedle Green UNITED FRONT 3:03
  3. George & Ahmaud ft. Deedle Green UNITED FRONT 2:10
  4. So Low ft. UniverCITY AVEnue & Doc Mahdi UNITED FRONT 4:48
  5. I Hate You (Freestyle) ft. BOMANI UFG UNITED FRONT 2:34
  6. Asafo Season ft. UniverCITY AVEnue, Doc Mahdi & BOMANI UFG UNITED FRONT 5:49
  7. "Pastor" Green Interlude UNITED FRONT 1:25
  8. Mister ft. Doc Mahdi UNITED FRONT 4:12

Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik

United front is an Afrikan-centered collective of activists, artists, Asafo and educators committed to working toward the reality of Afrikan sovereignty.

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Cipha In The Field For MANhood Papers EP

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